About William Dark

Creating art through photography has enriched my life by taking me to places that never cease to amaze and inspire.  I want my work to tell a story, to speak to the connection I have developed with the natural landscape over the past 50 years.  I've come to believe that the best things in life really aren't things at all.

As an artist, my vision has been to explore and capture beautiful scenes in nature with my camera, at just the right moment when the light is at its best.  I want my photographs to not simply be of places and things, but about them, and to convey the emotional elements that make them so meaningful.

I've been honored to have much of my work included in the design of many healthcare facilities throughout the country to promote healing.  Many folks have also shared stories with me about how the images have transformed their homes and offices - serving as a constant inspiration through the beauty of nature.

My hope is that you will enjoy browsing through my work, and will perhaps be inspired to visit some of the places I photograph and see them for yourself.  It will take a collective effort by many to preserve these wild and scenic lands for future generations.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit my website.  I hope that you will return often, as I continue to add new work.