• diamond grove, prairie, missouri, blazing star, sunrise
  • Sunrise, prairie, diamond grove, missouri, blazing star, wildflowers
  • Sunrise, ox-eyed daisies, Boxley Valley, Arkansas
  • Elk, Boxley Valley, Arkansas, fog bull elk, elk herd, Buffalo River
  • Chickens, rooster, hens, arkansas, farm
  • Colorado, San Juan Mountains, wildflowers
  • Ozark National Forest, sunset
  • cotton, field, sunset
  • missouri, prairie
  • arkansas, ozark, waterfall
  • arkansas, ozark, Richland Creek
  • arkansas, buffalo river, wilderness, wilderness area,
  • arkansas, wilderness, wilderness area, , Richland Creek
  • full moon, sunset, clouds, hedges pour off, ozark, forest,

Fine art landscape photography from Arkansas, Missouri, and the Gulf Coast.

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