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NEOWISE Comet at Dusk in the Ozarks
Saharan Dust Sunrise
Royal Catchfly
Spring Gold Rush
War Eagle Moonrise
Early Spring - Richland Falls
March Madness
Heavy Snow at Sunrise
Hoar Frost at Sunrise in the Ozark Mountains
War Eagle Mills Farm
Sunrise over War Eagle River
Little Missouri Falls
Bowers Hollow Waterfall in Autumn
Kings River Falls
Falling Water Falls and Witch Hazel
Cozyhome Church
Solar Eclipse - August, 2017
Autumn Splendor
Backlit Dogwood Leaves
Steele Creek Redbud
Falling Water Falls
Sunrise - Hedges Pour-Off
Sunset near Woolum
Milky Way and Tea Table Rocks
Calico Rock Sunset
Ozark Sunrise
Magnolia Falls I
Daisies and other Ozark Wildflowers
Crested Iris
Bowers Hollow Waterfall
Sunset - Gold King Basin
Sunset over Searles Prairie