Nature: Sunrises And Sunsets

“Oh, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”

~ Roman Payne

Autumn sunrise from the highest point in Arkansas, Mt. Magazine.
Autumn Sunset over the Buffalo National River.
Full Hunter's Moonrise - Kings River
Crescent Moon and Venus over the Buffalo River
Dogwood tree overlooking the war eagle river at sunrise with fog.
Beaver Lake Sunset with Ice
Ducks at Sunset
Flushing Ducks
Venus over Hawksbill Crag
Ozark Sunrise
City Rock Bluff Sunset
NEOWISE Comet at Dusk in the Ozarks
Saharan Dust Sunrise
Heavy Snow at Sunrise
Sunset near Woolum
Sunrise - Hedges Pour-Off
War Eagle Mills Farm
Sunrise over War Eagle River
Juniper and Snow
Calico Rock Sunset
Moonrise Over War Eagle River
Sunset - Gold King Basin
Moonrise - Hedges Pour-Off
Ouachita Sunset